The Artist

My name’s MJ Crave. And I CRAVE CREATIVITY.

MJ Crave The ArtistI create beyond my imagination. I am the modern Picasso.

I strongly lived up to my motto. I always crave creativity in my everyday musings in life. Whenever I immersed myself in my surroundings, my mind starts to wander and get inspiration from everything.

Ever since I learned to hold pens and colors and play with my imagination, the simple doodle I make results into a one of a kind master piece. I started doing traditional art way back when I was a kid (about age 4) and up until now I still do.

Typography Art

MJ Cravetivity was named after my name and because I crave creativity; all the time! I coined my surname with creativity and it made sense that it described the kind of person I am and as an artist.  I envision and create my masterpiece beyond what is typical. I get inspirations from other artists and when I see their works, I am challenged. I am a visual art hobbyist.

My craft forte is focused on illustration and this category branches into various visual art fields such as drawing, sketching, painting and the likes. With that, I am flexible in crafting unique masterpieces; may it be in traditional or utilizing digital technologies.

You can see my works in other online portfolios: Behance | Deviant Art | Art Blog

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy my works! Let’s keep in touch and send me a message! Will do my best to get back at you, honey! 🙂


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